About Sawyer

Sawyer is an online magazine that celebrates throwback pop culture, fashion and student art, and life in New York. Sawyer was born in August 2015 and themed issues were released bi monthly (see archives) until 2018. Now, content continues to be released on the website. Sawyer strives to promote young writers and artists, provide inspiration, and create a community.

What's in a name? 

Sawyer gets its name from Veronica Sawyer, protagonist and fashion of THE original mean grlz movie 'Heathers' (1989). Veronica is strong, smart, and knows exactly who she is, and Sawyer Magazine hopes that girls of this generation continue to look up to her.



I'm a 17 y/o from Long Island who enjoys fashion, is obsessed with theatre, and loves being in NY. I started Sawyer to celebrate the pop culture of decades past and to collaborate with young artists. I'm also thrilled to become a student at Parsons School of Design (class of 2022). @sarahkendric on social media.