Instagram Deep Dive: Naomi Smalls


Say hello to miss Naomi Smalls (whose name is derived from Naomi Campbell + Biggie Smalls), AKA 24 year old Davis Heppenstall. She's a drag queen, from CA, and a 7ft tall (without heels!) real-life barbie doll. You may have seen her on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8, where she came in 2nd/3rd and did THAT. And that. And that. 

I recently got lost on her Instagram (@naomismalls) and you all deserve to, too. I'm obsessed with her makeup and style sensibilities, and the further down I scrolled, the more shook I became. She obviously killed it on Drag Race, but I remember her as being especially down to earth and cool. Naomi, be my friend?  Now, time for the ~looks~~

Naomi owns a pink look. I'm obsessed with her lashes in these, + I love how you can see her 90's influences shine through. The double necklace moment in the left pic! 

This shoot was by @tannerabelofficial and...  perfection 🍋🍌🍯💛🐣🐝🌼


These have a similar girly vibe to the first set, but they're really so stunning. 4 different blonde bombshell looks (if the 4th one counts) and she looks like a millionaire heiress hoe meets disco queen meets golden goddess from heaven. I'll never get tired of her maximalist approach to jewelry. 

The left one reminds me of lil miquela i.e. makes me scared but.....its a look! The right one makes me :'') heres Naomi with Kim Chi, also from season 8. I love seeing them together- their friendship was one of my favorite parts of the season and now I can't stop watching them on MUG. Plus, you can always count on Kim Chi to pull a beautiful, creative look.

Literally everything about these three Instagram posts. The left is the same look as the post with Kim Chi but I couldn't leave out the caption.

IMG_3093 2.PNG
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.50.27 PM.png

Davis' personal style is so cool too!! I'm so in awe of the crazy long legs. N Campbell wishes!

Well, her post notifications are officially turned on. Long live Naomi! If you, like me, are in need of a RuPaul fix, All Stars Season 3 premieres on VH1 on the 25th! In the meantime, let me know which Naomi looks are your favorite and if I missed any. Until next time! *sashays away*

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