Netflix's Holy Coming-of-Age Trinity

In case you haven't noticed, freshman drama/comedies are alive and kicking, the best of which are all available on Netflix. These three really nail what it's like to enter high school and start growing up. 

First up is 'Freaks and Geeks,' a one-season cult classic that aired from 1999-2000. Set in the 80's, the show is centered around siblings Sam and Lindsay Weir. Sam and his two geeky best friends awkwardly begin high school, while 16 y/o Lindsay enters her her rebellious phase by hanging around the school's pot-smoking, class-cutting, 'freaks.'

What's great about it: 'Freaks and Geeks' perfectly captures all the awkward moments and uncertainties of high school with plenty of humor and heart. It's a total tribute to the 80's and growing up.

Approximate binge time: a weekend

You may also remember 'Freaks and Geeks' as the theme of Sawyer's 5th issue (May 2016). Click to read! 

Next, let's progress down the timeline to 'Everything Sucks!' Set in the 90's and released in February of this year, 'Everything Sucks!' immerses its audience in nostalgia. Main character Luke is a young director with a crush on principal's daughter Kate, who is making discoveries about her sexuality. The story is similar to 'Freaks and Geeks' in that theres an older/younger character divide between two sets of outcasts: the young av boys and the older drama club kids. 'Everything Sucks' was also kind enough to grace us with style star Emaline, a true drama queen who invokes Gwen Stafani, Courtney Love, and more. 

What's great about it: It's killer soundtrack and referential style 

Approximate binge time: a day


Finally, we have 'On My Block,' which is set in modern day and just recently released. It focuses in on a group of four lifetime friends who are about to enter high school together. It covers all the bases in terms of young love and friendship, but also touches upon lesser-discussed topics like gang life, poverty, and deportation. The 10-episode season builds up beautifully to a cliffhanger ending that you really can't miss out on. You can also look forward to a season 2 in the future!

What's great about it: solid performances and excellent POC representation

Approximate binge time: half a day


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