No Need to Hush About Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is similar to many female musicians that have left their mark in the music industry. Lyrics from “Sad Dream” will remind you of Joni Mitchell. A song like “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)” will remind you of the catchy rock style of Debbie Harry. A month ago, Ferreira released her cover of ’Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” on Soundcloud. Her rendition is just as satisfying as the original version, and would probably make Aimee Mann proud.

Just like the artists mentioned, Ferreira is also raw in her ability to be vulnerable with her lyrics. The lyrics from “I Blame Myself” sound like an opening chapter to a memoir. In an interview with Billboard, Ferreira shared, “When I write I try to write how I would speak, so then it's honest to what I'm actually doing. I won't sing something unless I mean it, and it's the same way when I'm writing. That's kind of always been the issue with me. It's a good thing, but it kind of can make me look crazy.” Her discography so far embodies the timeless angst we all feel about of love and self-reflection. 

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Ferreira is currently working on her second upcoming album Masochism. Last year, she shared with The Fader that this album will be heavily visual. She also dropped a hint about the first two singles off her album on Soundcloud by stating “There's a fire on your street.” No official date about the album’s release has been announced yet, but many fans are excited to hear her new work. 

in the meantime, keep up with sky on instagram, twitter (@skyferreira), and ☁️

by Marissa Donovan

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